For Bud Marshall, growing up in a rural Maine town would be challenging enough if it weren’t for the fact that fate dealt him a difficult hand to begin with. Left to be raised by his grandparents, Bud struggles to discover himself as he pursues the dream of realizing greatness in his own life.

Fortunately for Bud, he has help on his journey of discovery from the girl next door.

Teresa Peterson, a precocious youth one year his junior, both acts to guide and confound Bud’s decisions. But sometimes, the ones we are closest to, are those we hurt the most.

A profoundly human story about family, friendship, and love, in which Bud learns as he matures that it is taking responsibility for his own life, and making choices in conscious awareness of who he is, that will shape his destiny.

Can he overcome his past mistakes, and build a real foundation for the future?



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The Bear

Blank bookcover with clipping path

Her father was already dead. She only stopped running to catch her breath when she heard the gun shots ring out from the cabin that she had just escaped. Her desperate and foolish hope was that the sound meant her uncle, and not her mother, was dead. Turning back from where she stood in the northern Maine woods, she came face to face with a black bear.

It’s safe to say, life for Emma Osbourne would never be the same.

An emotional and psychological journey, in which Emma has to face the darkness within herself as well as try to understand that of those who ruined her life.

But understanding evil means confronting things darker and more sinister than Emma could have imagined.


Available NOV. 2018


Thunder Snow

Blank bookcover with clipping path

When Brody hears that the biggest nor’easter snow-storm of the season is set to hit Maine, the idea of untracked powder runs down the side of a mountain is just too great to pass up.

He hatches a plan to camp out on the side of an abandoned ski resort, ride out the storm in his tent, and have hundreds of acres of fresh unskied snow all to himself.

What he learns is that nature is unpredictable and doesn’t care about even the best-laid plans of mere mortals. That, and he should’ve told someone reliable where he was going. Can he survive the storm and find his way down the mountain?


Available JAN. 2019