Short Stories

The Dragon’s Den – a short story


Five-year-old George learns something fantastic from his mother: there’s a dragon living in their den. As time passes, however, George learns that having a dragon in the home isn’t all he thought it would be.

An allegorical tale about courage, heroism, and facing the metaphorical dragons in life.

They named me George. My mother said I was named for the Saint, though I doubt any such blood flows through my veins. We lived modestly, in a bungalow on the edge of town… READ IT HERE

Snow Angels – flash fiction


Emily learns the value of giving snow angels as a gift to her mother.

Emily was little when her mom got sick. She was too young to understand the severity of the illness or big words like “chemotherapy.” It was winter… READ IT HERE

Visiting Virginia – a short story


When ten-year-old Molly’s older brother lets the truth slip about Santa, her mother and father take the whole family on a day-trip, determined to rediscover the magic of Christmas.

A heartwarming seasonal tale that will remind you of the importance of the season, and the love of Christmases past.

Braydon went into the kitchen and found Molly, his little sister, sitting at the table writing. He walked up behind her and peered over her shoulder. After seeing what she was doing… READ IT HERE

The Final Judgement – a short story

In the not so distant future, the United States is split along political lines and tensions are at an all time high. With a controversial Supreme Court decision due in the coming days, the country erupts in protests, riots, and violence. At the center is Ramiel Stern, a top member of Senator Sarah Alpert’s staff. As the political unrest grows, Ramiel finds herself as the target of a homeless street preacher’s prophecy. Ramiel works to both unravel the mystery of the homeless man’s rantings, and help the Senator with a fundraiser in her role as a staff member.

An intriguing and topical short story in which all-too-real modern political conflict collides with Biblical and classical mythology.

“That which divides us will divide the earth.”

The protests began even before the court’s decision was made. Counter protests were initiated at the same time. Riots began breaking out in the larger cities not long after. For Ramiel Stern, the issue hit home in a way that it didn’t for most people… GET IT HERE

The Last Word – a short story

Trevor is enjoying a few adult beverages at a trail-side watering hole… too many, in fact. When the alcohol clouds his judgement, a poor choice derails his evening. Will an unexpected discovery save his life, or simply frustrate him until the end?

A stunning story that explores the humanity in death and if there really is such a thing as dying with dignity.

The real question? Who gets the last word?

The bar smelled of stale alcohol and body odor, but the beer was cold and the liquor cheap. When Trevor was out on the trails, he liked to stop here, the most remote of watering holes… READ MORE

Zero Hour – a short story

William “Buck” Marshall finds himself on the Western Front south of Soission France. A soldier of the US Army, his task will be to advance against the German’s, entrenched just across no man’s land in front of him.

An action packed short story in which Buck will fight for his life and before things are through, perhaps his very soul.

What time is it? Zero hour.

Buck stared at the gray wall of the trench in the growing light. It would be dawn soon and he had a feeling that today they would be going over the top… READ MORE

Grayson – a short story

Rich Grayson was planning on a quiet night at home alone. When the power goes out, his plans are changed for him.

A gripping short story of thrilling suspense. It will have the reader wondering what is actually possible in a world of modern technology and whether we are ever truly alone.

Being alone was bad enough, but being alone on a Saturday night was always worse. They used to go to movies together, or out to dinner, but now he was all alone. It was oppressively hot outside, and the thunderstorms had been building all day… READ MORE

The Widow’s Wine – flash fiction

Cynthia recently buried her husband of 42 years after he lost his long battle with an illness. Can she find comfort in the form of his old wine cellar?

A touching story about how the ones we love can impact our lives even long after they’re gone.

It had been an extremely long couple of months, and in the end, it was as much a relief as a sadness to bury Richard, my husband of 42 years. Being the surviving spouse of one who dies after a long and drawn-out illness isn’t easy… READ MORE

Waiting – a short story

Randy is a pathological misanthrope. Now he’s stuck in the worst imaginable situation, sitting in a waiting room with other people.

A twisted psychological story about a man who knows he’s in a dangerous situation considering his own mental state. Can he finish his business and get out before he does something he regrets?

The chair was hard and uncomfortable, so Randy shifted awkwardly. First, he would cross his right leg over his left, placing his right foot on his left thigh. Then after several minutes his right foot would go numb and he’d have to switch, placing his left leg over his right…. READ MORE